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Dawn Brancheau Service-Learning Scholars

Thanks to the generosity of The Dawn Brancheau Foundation, CCEL awarded eight service-learning scholarships between August 2014 and May 2016. The scholarship provided an undergraduate student with $1,500 ($750 per semester) to offset tuition costs, as well as an additional $500 to complete a service-learning project. Scholarship applicants had to be either full-time junior or senior level students in good standing at Mississippi State University.

[-] 2015 - 2016 service-learning scholarships

Student: Brittany Bobo

Project Description:
Brittany Bobo, a senior in Art with an emphasis in Printmaking, is passionate about people and service. Through her service-learning project she sought to use art to uplift the spirits of others. “I am most passionate about making art with others and putting smiles on other people’s faces,” Ms. Bobo said. Her project, is based on the “EXPRESS Yourself” (EY) program at Mississippi State University’s T.K. Martin Center for Technology and Disability. This program was created to enable those with severe physical disabilities to express themselves through art. The EY program goes beyond simple, recreational therapy, as the patients actually become artists by creating viable professional work that is often exhibited and sold. Ms. Bobo became a certified “tracker” and engaged herself fully in the “EXPRESS Yourself” process. The T.K Martin Center runs on grants and donations, so it is not always able to replenish supplies when they are needed. Ms. Bobo was able to use money from the Dawn Brancheau Foundation on materials for the EY program.

Brittany Bobo Brittany Bobo

Student: Madison Buras

Project Description:
Madison Buras, a senior majoring in Biological Sciences with a concentration in pre-med, completed a project that combined health, fitness, and fun with teaching children. She loves working with children, and, through her service-learning project, worked to educate kids about healthy lifestyles, including the importance of nutrition and exercise. She chose to partner with the Sally Kate Winters Memorial Children’s Home to host educational health clinics a few times a month. On her first visit, Madison made smoothies and played games like tag to show the children that a healthy lifestyle can be fun and easy. Ms. Buras spent the rest of the semester educating these kids about the importance of health and showing them how easy it can be to live an active and healthy lifestyle.

Madison Buras Madison Buras

Student: Courtney Fancher

Project Description:
Courtney Fancher, a senior majoring in Animal and Dairy Science with a specialty in equine science and pre-veterinarian medicine, organized an animal healthcare day at a local pet products store in Starkville, Mississippi. “P.A.W.S (Pet Awareness and Wellness Services) For a New Companion took place March 5, 2016 from 10am to 2pm at Tractor Supply of Starkville.
She had several local adoption organizations and rescue centers present. Tractor Supply provided tents where the businesses could set up with information and encourage pet adoption and care. She worked during the fall and beginning of the spring semester to make flyers, posters, and a large banner promoting the event. She also crafted a pamphlet that raised awareness of overpopulation, the importance of spaying and neutering animals, and the benefits of preventatives.

Courtney Fancher Courtney Fancher

Student: Lorianna Livingston

Project Description:
Lorianna Livingston, a senior majoring in Art with an emphasis in Graphic Design, worked with Assistant Professor Alexis Gregory on an educational garden that was installed at the Starkville Boys and Girls Club. Lorianna’s job was to develop graphics that were integrated into the construction and design of the garden beds and two shade structures. The garden beds were installed in fall 2015 and preliminary work began with the designs. A service ramp and additional storage bins were also completed in the fall. During the spring semester, Professor Gregory and her architecture students completed the remaining structures and had them installed. Lorianna worked to paint and design the typographic elements that were then integrated into the structures. She also designed and distributed a promotional mail-out to inform the Starkville community about the garden and the recent renovations. This was to raise awareness and increase publicity for the Boys and Girls Club.

Courtney livingston Courtney Fancher

[+] 2014 - 2015 service-learning scholarships

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