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Ms. Vicki Burnett - Community Partner

March 03, 2015 (Tuesday)
College of Architecture, Art, and Design; Department of Art

Service-Learning Class:
ART 1133: Design II

Semester: Spring 2014

Course Description:
This service-learning project brought together Ms. Vicki Burnett, the chair of the Starkville Area Arts Council (SAAC) Oktibbeha County Barn Quilt Trail, and Mr. Neil Callander's Art 1133: Design II class. The students were tasked with researching, designing, and creating a series of 8-foot by 8-foot painted wood panels (barn quilts) to be located throughout the Oktibbeha County community.

Comments from Ms. Vicki Burnett:

1. What was the impact of service-learning on your agency?
Service-learning has become the backbone of the Oktibbeha County Barn Quilt Trail! Since few in our area (including myself) knew much about barn quilts, this entire project has been an educationally enriching experience for all involved. I am deeply grateful to the MSU students who have researched quilt patterns, planned their own original designs and created six stunning pieces of 8'x8' art to install in Starkville and Oktibbeha County for all to enjoy.

2. What advice do you have for other community partners interested in service-learning?
Do it!!! Working with University students on projects is like getting a shot of adrenaline; they bring to the table their enthusiasm, imagination, talent, and boundless energy. I have also thoroughly enjoyed working with Dr. Heiselt, her friendly staff, as well as the MSU faculty with whom I have partnered. You will not regret the decision to collaborate with them.

3. What do you believe the students got out of the experience of working with you?

I hope that they enjoyed the entire experience of seeing a need in the community and working together in creative ways to meet it. Through CASLE, I had the opportunity to work with both MSU art students and high school students who participated in the Mississippi Governor's School this past summer. I hope that both groups learned a lot about Barn Quilts and the benefits that quilt trails can bring to a community educationally, aesthetically, and economically.

4. Name something important you learned (as a community partner) through your work with CASLE and service-learning.

I have not heard of service-learning prior to my involvement with CASLE. I thought of "learning" as limited to getting an education, and "service" as using that education to benefit another. I love the process of combining them in a seamless process.

5. CASLE encourages collaboration and "withness" between faculty, students, and community partners. How did you see this come to fruition in this project?

"Withness" is an excellent word to describe the experience of working with CASLE and our MSU partners. We have supported, encouraged, and advised each other throughout the process. All parties involved have been invested in attaining a common goal through the vehicle of service-learning.