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The Center for Community-Engaged Learning (CCEL) serves as a resource for faculty who are teaching or developing community-based education courses (i.e. service-learning, community-based research). Our goal is to further faculty practice in service-learning and community engaged research and scholarship.

CCEL welcomes faculty from Extension Services, all academic colleges, and the Veterinary School, and offers the following services and support:
  • Links faculty with Extension agents, community partners, or community members whose needs are relevant to academic course goals
  • Facilitates partnership meetings between faculty and community partners
  • Consults on syllabus revision and service-learning course development
  • Collaborates on research design and implementation
  • Troubleshoots service-learning challenges
  • Assists in conducting service-learning assessments
  • Offers discipline-specific resource materials
  • Shares publication and presentation opportunities
  • Recognizes faculty accomplishments in service-learning through awards and funding
  • Publicizes service-learning and community-engaged funding opportunities
  • Maintains a library of resources related to service-learning and community engagement
  • Conducts class presentations on request